Giving Neighborhoods a Voice

Advocate for neighborhoods and neighborhood associations to city government, reminding the mayor and council that our city is only as strong as our neighborhoods and citizens.

Support safe and well-constructed sidewalks, streets, sewers, and lights in neighborhoods.

Protect funding for neighborhoods while working to improve downtown.

Community Policing and Safety

Community policing builds a sense of trust and mutual respect between police and citizens representing our communities.

Community policing recognizes that police rarely can solve public safety problems alone.

Police officers who know their assigned neighborhoods and work with residents are best equipped to identify suspicious activity and stop break-ins and robberies before they occur.

Fiscal Responsibility

According to the report by Truth in Accounting, there is a $204.9 million gap between Fort Wayne's non-capital bills and its available assets - this means every taxpayer is liable for about $2,500 in supported city debt.

The city's total hidden debt amounts to $89.1 million.

Work to reduce debt and expose hidden debt where it exists.  Adequately fund pensions for public employees as required by law. Reduce long-term borrowing for road, sewer, and other repairs, so that the term doesn't exceed the life of the repair.