New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Greetings friends and fellow constituents. My name is Taylor Vanover and I am hoping
to become your next City Councilman from Ft. Wayne’s Fifth District. I am a junior at
Purdue University Fort Wayne, working toward an undergraduate degree in public
policy. I am a strong holder of classical conservative and Republican values and I support enhancing the American dream of equality, freedom, justice and economic freedom for all. I
believe in these values, I am infused with these values and I strive to pay these values
forward each and every opportunity that I can. To me, public policy means helping to
shape and instill legislation that both serves the public and continues to better those
great individuals who comprise our district. As your City Councilman I will do just

As a resident of Ft. Wayne’s Fifth District, I know and recognize first-hand the struggles
and challenges that affect my neighbors on a daily basis. From vacant buildings to crumbling sidewalks, infrastructure needs dot our district. Not only do these
issues decrease the district’s overall human appeal, but they decrease its economic
appeal as well. Further, our district’s crime rate is among the highest in the city. It is
imperative that significant resources be spent on adding a greater police presence
throughout our neighborhoods and adjoining streets. Moreover, we all must work to
develop a more unified and cohesive constituency district-wide. In so doing, we will only
strengthen our district as a whole and, together, make a difference for us all. Yes, we
can and yes we will.

I look forward to sitting down and personally meeting with each of you throughout this
campaign. With your ongoing support and continued involvement, I am confident we
will have nothing but success throughout this campaign and especially its end result. I
intend to work for and serve you and all people of Ft. Wayne’s Fifth District IN to the
best of my ability. I sincerely thank you and may God bless you all.